What does our logistics procurement platform do?

Discover the key features that make our platform stand out, from carrier management and sanitation checks to data validation, scenario building, and robust support. With Freightender, you can efficiently manage your documentation, participate in spot bidding, tenders, and enjoy comprehensive reporting. Contact us for help and support, and don’t forget to follow us on social media for updates. Discover the future of freight procurement with Freightender.

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Freightender features

Powerful features for RFI’s, RFQ’s, mini-tenders, lane requests and spot bids.
Air, FTL, LTL, Ocean, Rail and Courier.

Easy upload of data

Upload of your historical or baseline data can be done via a template of directly with your own file.  An easy-to-use wizard helps you gathering and organizing the data into the right columns.

Automated alerts

The platform takes care of alerts which are set by default but which you can customize. This way tender participants will be informed when new data is added to the platform or when deadlines are coming closer.

Custom settings

After the rate card creation you can add cost items, set how they will be calculated, select weight break calculations, set conditions to costs so the rate card becomes unique to your tender event.

Setting of target rates

In Round 1 of the tender, carriers quote to stay in the tender, in Round 2 they will quote sharper but they need guidance. This is where you set target rates based on percentage of the lowest quote you received per lane. Carriers will then quote for this round and will see how far they are off from the target rate based on different colorized ranges.

Rate card creation

Thanks to our deep rate experience our platform will automatically create rate cards based upon your profile and the available fields in our settings. From there on you can add cost items, set how they will be calculated, select weight break calculations, set conditions to costs so the rate card becomes unique to your tender event.

Progress dashboard

Thanks to this overview you’ll see what tender participants have done so far and if any errors occurred in their uploads.


One of the main things in tendering is good communication. We provide a way to directly chat with carriers, send a general announcements to all participants and a way to share answers to questions asked to all participants.

Easy awarding

From the different scenarios you can immediately nominate carriers and manually override any automated nomination. Once all done, you just press a button and the awarding to carriers will take place whereby rate cards with corresponding lanes will be automatically generated.

Business Intelligence

Extensive reporting to analyse tenders with parameters you can set yourself. Either with a total cost or based on a detailed cost item level. Business Intelligence allows you to see a full overview via different dashboards. Also based on a consolidated basis if you run tenders on a regular basis.

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Automated scenario-building

The core feature of our platform, creating different scenarios on the fly that allow you to understand how you can best award your carriers. With comprehensive conditions, selections, parameters and other criteria. With this functionality you can create scenarios in seconds.

For teams of any size

Small Companies

Seamlessly navigate the complexities of supply chain management and procurement with our intuitive tool. Efficiently source, negotiate, and manage freight contracts, all while optimizing costs and streamlining operations to fit the unique needs of your small business.

Mid-Sized Companies

Simplify your supply chain dynamics and procurement processes using our advanced platform. Seamlessly engage in contract sourcing, negotiation, and management, unlocking cost efficiencies and operational excellence that align with the scale and ambitions of your mid-sized enterprise.

Large Companies and Multinationals

Transform your supply chain and procurement landscape through our cutting-edge solution. Engage in strategic contract sourcing, negotiation, and management, tailored to demands of extensive operations. Unleash unparalleled efficiencies and cost optimization on a global scale with our comprehensive platform.


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