Freight tendering ‘deep dive’ demo sessions

Freight tendertool.ahabr.teching ‘deep dive’ demo sessions


Freightender is organising “deep dive” demo sessions for companies looking to enhance their process for FTL, Air, Ocean freight tendertool.ahabr.techs. After the success of our three freight sourcing webinars, we’d like to offer a more advanced and extended demonstration of our web-based and user-friendly tool that makes freight tendertool.ahabr.teching easy and time-efficient.


Effective freight tendertool.ahabr.teching


During the deep dive demo sessions, we will walk you through the entire freight process, with all its unique features and options. We will show how:

To create and upload a baseline freight; after that, the tool takes over by creating shipment Profiles, rate cards, etc. The baseline exists of  an upload of the initial documentation. After that, all configuration is done directly in the browser (no more uploads – not for you or the suppliers).

The rate card creator. This is where you  design your own rate card. This results in a Non-interpretable rate card, covering Base rates, Accessorial costs and Business Rules. (approved by Freight Auditors!)

– Make a cost simulation based on base freight data and accessorial charges

– The features of the Questionnaire Creator

Shipment Profile Creator

Extensive analysis and reporting functionalities; Quick view reporting, scenario running, supplier meeting preparation reports, management reporting and more reporting functionalities.

– Feature: Nomination and awarding carriers

Other Features: Invite Suppliers, invite Colleagues, calendar event planning, news, private messaging, news posting etc.


Unique Freight Tendering features


The Freightender is made for logistics professionals who are looking for a powerful and user-friendly tool to easily make the right decision when selecting carriers. A few of our unique web-based freight tendertool.ahabr.teching features are:

– No obligatory consultant needed

– Browser-based user experience, direct response, no excessive file uploads.

– Fully “Do it Yourself” tool, no user manual needed, intuitive, user-guiding tool

– Better output, quicker data and reporting Intelligence

– More flexibility in a controlled environment

freight tendertool.ahabr.teching

freight tendertool.ahabr.teching


Freightender suits the REAL needs of Logistics Buyers & Cost simulation projects

  • Data Output (instant intelligence)
  • Flexibility in Analysis (Flexible in running scenarios)
  • Ease of Analysis (Simple and quick to run scenarios)
  • First step towards our Freight Audit Services



If you are interested in a demo with the most advanced logistics platform available then please contact us via or directly via

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Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds


Freightender is the standard in freight tendering. It makes the tender process lean, smarter and much faster. 
Fully cloud-based. Curious? Request a free live demo and join the Freight Tender Revolution!

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