Freightender at the Transport & Logistic 2023 in Munich

Freightender, a leading provider of digital freight procurement solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Transport & Logistic 2023 exhibition to be held in Munich, Germany. The event, one of the largest trade fairs for logistics and mobility, is scheduled to take place from May 9–12, 2023, at the Messe München Exhibition Center.


The world’s leading trade fair for logistics


As a premier event in the logistics industry, Transport & Logistic 2023 is expected to attract over 64,000 visitors from more than 125 countries. The exhibition offers an excellent opportunity for logistics providers to showcase their latest products and services, network with industry peers, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

Freightender is excited to be part of this prestigious event and will be showcasing its innovative digital freight procurement solutions, designed to simplify and optimize freight management processes for shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers.

Are you a 3PL or 4PL procurement manager and want to take logistics procurement to the next level and make sourcing processes easier for yourself? Meet with us in Munich at the Transport & Logistic fair between the 9th and 11th of May. Book here a meeting with our team.


About Freightender


Visitors of Freightender’s at the exhibition will have the opportunity to learn more about the company’s range of solutions, including its advanced freight tendering platform. The platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, enabling shippers and carriers to manage the entire tendering process in a seamless and efficient manner.

Freightender’s solution allows shippers to easily manage their transportation procurement needs, from creating tender documents and sending invitations to carriers, to evaluating and selecting the best carriers for their shipments. Carriers can benefit from the platform’s real-time visibility into available shipments, enabling them to bid on and secure new business opportunities.

freightender transport logistic 2023 munich

“Our participation in Transport & Logistic 2023 is an important opportunity for us to showcase our solutions and demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence in the logistics industry,” said Pieter Kinds, CEO of Freightender. “We look forward to connecting with industry peers and engaging with potential customers to showcase the benefits of our digital freight procurement solutions.”

Meet Freightender at Transport Logistic 2023 in Munich

In addition to showcasing its solutions, the Freightender team will also take the time for a meet & greet. Visitors can schedule a meeting with CEO Pieter Kinds, Belinda de la Torre, or Inga Schlegel. These sessions will provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s solutions and how they can help streamline and optimize freight management processes.

Transport & Logistic 2023 promises to be an exciting event for logistics professionals and enthusiasts alike. Freightender’s participation in the exhibition reinforces its commitment to driving innovation and delivering value to its customers in the logistics industry.

For more information on Freightender and its digital freight procurement solutions, please visit

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds


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