Ocean Freight Spot Rates

Logistics procurement deserves a dedicated spot rate platform for ocean freight!

Freightender is one of the leading spot bidding tools and is being used by many mid-size and multinational companies around the globe. Thanks to our intuitive cloud-based platform customers can easily request spot bids for ocean freight rates

Getting the right quotes becomes much more efficient with our platform while carriers will save a lot of time by using the platform. Hundreds of spot bid requests are handled via our platform on a daily basis.

Implementation time is short, we can have it up and running in 24 hours.

Curious about the functionalities and what we can do for you? Take the demo and we will be happy to show you a 30 min. demo!

“Eventually, we chose the Freightender solution above larger competitors as we were impressed with the technology and flexibility but also with the dedicated approach of the tender consultants to ensure a good tender outcome.”

Logistics Manager

Medical Device manufacturer Germany

freight tender reporting from freightender software

Discover our spot bidding tool for ocean rates

Many shippers have one-off shipments that require handling outside of regular contracts which means there is no price yet quoted for that shipment. With our spot bidding platform, shippers can easily request the price for such a shipment with trusted carriers. Bid request creation, bid analysis, Q&A and bid awarding can all be done in an easy manner with a limited amount of training.

The reality of many logistics procurement processes today is that highly paid, highly qualified people waste many hours and money on manually managing e-mails and cutting, copying and pasting Excel data. While they neglect their core focus, while this can be easily automated.
Get smart, go digital!

Key features

Powerful features for Ocean spot bids.


Extensive bid reporting functionality


Permissions-based user management


One price bid and detailed price bid structure


Data validation


Template based bid creation


Flexible bid management and settings