Privacy Policy

1. Freightender commitment to protecting data privacy

 The security and privacy of your personal data is important to Freightender, and therefore, we have developed our business in strict compliance with the European law for the protection of personal data privacy and security. We hope that the policy detailed below helps you to understand what data can be collected by Freightender, how it is used and how it is protected in the entities with which it is shared.

2. Personal data 

Freightender does not collect any personal data about you (e.g. your name, address or telephone number) through other websites, unless you voluntarily decide to provide us with said data (e.g. through registers, requests for information, surveys), or unless you authorise us to use said data, or unless the laws and regulations applicable to personal data security and protection allow it.

3. Purpose of use

Whenever we are provided with data of a personal nature, we will often use it to answer your questions, process your requests for information or to give you access to information or special offers. Similarly, in order to support the relationship we may have with you as a client:
a) we may store and process personal data and share it with our associate companies, in order to better understand the needs of your business and how we can improve our products and services;
b) we may use the personal data to contact you directly to inform you of a Freightender offer which suits your business needs or to carry out internet surveys so as to better understand your needs as our client. 

If you choose for your personal data to not be used to support our relationship with you as a client (especially in direct marketing or market research), we will respect your decision. We will not sell or market in any other way your personal data to third parties, with the exception of the companies associated with Freightender.

4. Objective limitations

Freightender can collect, use or divulge personal data, provided by you through the Internet, only for the described purposes, unless the distribution is necessary:
a) in a use of personal data for any additional purpose directly related to the original purpose for which the data was collected;
b) a contract with you needs to be prepared, negotiated and completed;
c) it is required by law or by governmental or judicial authorities;
d) it is required to establish or maintain a lawsuit or for the defence of a lawsuit;
e) it is required to prevent fraud or other illegal activities, such as a deliberate attack on the Freightender technology systems.

5. Automatically collected non-personal data 

When our website is accessed, we can automatically collect (i.e. with no registration) non-personal data (e.g. the type of web browser and operating system used, the page from which you accessed the domain, number of visits, average time spent on the site, which pages you visited, etc.). We may use this data and share it with our affiliates to monitor the level of interest in our website and to improve its performance and content.

6. Cookies – information automatically stored on your computer 

When you visit our website, we may store information on your computer in the form of a ‘cookie’, in order to automatically recognise your device the next time you visit us. 

Cookies are files which contain small amounts of information which is uploaded from the device when it visits a website.

They help the website to remember information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and makes the website more useful to you. Cookies play an important role. Without them, the use of some websites would be a much more frustrating experience. Cookies improve the efficiency of website browsing.

The use of cookies on the Internet is commonplace and does not harm users’ computers. Cookies have various functions, including helping those responsible for the website to see how it is used in terms of navigation, saving your preferences, and generally improving the user’s experience. They also help to ensure that the website shows you relevant content.

 Freightender and other external services may keep permanent cookies which are stored on the browser used for your access and on your device (PC, mobile and tablet) and they are always used whenever you revisit one of our websites. Temporary session cookies remain in the cookies folder of your browser until you leave the website. The information collected by these cookies is for analysing the traffic patterns on the website, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, configure your Internet browser to delete all the cookies from the hard drive of your computer and block all the cookies when a signal appears, before they are saved.

7. Minors 

Freightender does not collect data from children without asking them to get consent from their parents or legal guardian, if required to do so by applicable law. We will only use or divulge the personal data of children to the extent allowed by law and in order to obtain parental consent in accordance with child protection laws and local regulations. The definition of ‘child’ or ‘children’ must bear in mind the applicable laws and national or regional cultural customs.

8. Links to other websites 

The Freightender website may contain links to other websites. Freightender is not responsible for the privacy practices or other content of those websites.

 9. Questions and comments

Freightender responds to reasonable requests to review your personal data and to correct, modify or delete any inaccuracies. If you wish to ask a question or make a comment about the Freightender privacy policy (e.g. to review and update your personal data), please contact us. As the Internet evolves, so will our privacy policy. Any changes in our privacy policy will be published on this page. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to check whether there are any updates.

10. Confidentiality

Due to the nature and objectives of the interactive services we provide in this document, users are required to supply information which could be considered personal. Our services will respect the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law – Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature – and its subsequent updates.

Only the data required by Freightender to offer its services will be requested and collected, in accordance with the explicit information about the website and user options. The personal information that is provided is for the exclusive use of Freightender, in accordance with the purposes in question.

When a user utilises our services or visits the content provided by Freightender, certain information may be automatically compiled in the server registries and it may include details about how the services are used. Said details may be comprised of your search queries, your IP address and the cookies which can identify your browser or user account exclusively.

When a Freightender service with a location function is used, we can collect and process information about the user’s current location, such as GPS signals sent by a mobile phone. We can also use various technologies to determine location, such as data from the sensors of the device, which may provide information about Wi-Fi access points and nearby cell towers, for example.

 When a user contacts Freightender we may keep a record of the communications in order to help resolve any issues which may arise. We can use the user’s email address to send them information about our services, informing them about upcoming changes or improvements, for example.

You can revoke your consent at any time and exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by emailing our Data Management Team at EMAIL: