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Centralise your freight rates in our cloud-based rate repository.

Welcome to Freightender, where efficiency meets excellence in freight rate management. Unlock the full potential of your logistics operations with our cutting-edge Rate Management solution. Say goodbye to manual complexities and hello to streamlined processes that elevate your freight management to new heights.

Optimize Your Freight Rate Management with our Advanced Solution

Due to the nature of logistics, it has always been difficult to centralise data and to have a transparent overview of your tariffs and freight cost. Having one global platform to manage transport rates for all modes makes life a lot easier and more efficient for logistics managers.

Carriers can easily see their rates as well and can update their rates directly online which saves you from unnecessary e-mails and excel files.

Having a global rate repository makes it easier to look up rates for freight booking, update rates, add new rates but also to integrate with ERP, TMS and Freight Audit systems. In today’s digital world it is a must to have an easy to use platform where you can manage and store your freight rates. That is exactly what we offer with our Rate Management platform. For shippers, carriers and forwarders!

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Benefits of a Rate Management Tool

Cost Savings

Optimize your freight spending with intelligent rate management, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Data Analysis

A single platform makes it easy to analyze freight rate data. Identify cost-saving opportunities, make informed decisions.

Easy integration

Using one platform often facilitates easier integration with other business systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Time Efficiency

Free up valuable time by automating manual tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic decision-making & growth.

Why Choose Freightender’s Rate Management Solution?

Optimize your Freight Rate Management with our advanced solution.

Streamlined Collaboration

Upload of your historical or baseline data can be done via a template of directly with your own file.  An easy-to-use wizard helps you gathering and organizing the data into the right columns.

Real-Time Visibility

Our solution provides instant updates on rate changes, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly and adapt to the dynamic nature of the freight industry.

Precision in Pricing

Freightender’s Rate Management solution empowers you to make your freight rates easy available and accessible. Available to update, search and calculate for all parties involved.

Key features


Centralize and manage rates


Compare rates


Find rates


Validity management with automated warnings


Carrier or internal chat


Fuzzy search


Calculate lane costs


Fill tenders with rates


Easy benchmarking


Cost approval hierarchy


API based integration


Carrier rate upload with approval hierarchy

Rate Management

Advanced filters

Our rate management tool allows you and your colleagues to extensively filter your tariffs and freight costs.

Filters can be applied on:

  • Company level
  • Transportation mode
  • Cost type
  • Equipment type
  • Country
  • Destination
  • Rate status
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