The 5 Transport Tender tips carriers and forwarders must share with clients

Yes…there is plenty of room for improvement the world of transport tendering. As a transport tender software provider, our aim is to be supportive in this. For both parties* involved. In this article, we are share 5 important tips that can overall improve transportation tenders.

By Pieter Kinds – CEO Freightender

*We approach tenders from both the shipper’s perspective, but we are also trying to support the carrier/freight forwarder (Logistics Service Provider) of the transport tender.

Collaboration is a part of tendering

In today’s logistics environment, it is more important than ever to build strategic relationships. Traditionally, carriers or suppliers are not very keen on participating in a transportation tenders. While on the other side of the process, the shippers side, often exists a high struggle of getting the right data, managing the communication flows and the high workload on running analysis in Excel.

Because the burden of freight tenders exists on both sides, we believe there is still a world to win. Process flows, tender communication flows, data analysis, you name it and there is room to get better. And shippers and suppliers must collaborate in order to gain efficiency in transport tendering.

therefore, I have listed below 5 must-share tips carriers and forwarders should share with their clients.

5 Transportation tender tips carriers and forwarders must share with clients


    • Only invite the right suppliers. Carriers need to feel comfortable with what you are asking from them, make sure that the carriers you invite actually fit your organisation and your shipping profile. Some companies work with large databases for carrier selection during the
    • Choose the right number of suppliers. Inviting 100 carriers for a scope where you only looking to award 10? Don’t! Carriers know their chances will be slim and will pay less i attention to your tender
    • Please do not forget: Your freight tender competes with other. Shippers love to procure freight, but you are not the only one! As a result, carriers are invited to many procurement projects. Make sure the platform you use to tender freight is attractive, simple, straightforward so that you achieve the right attention from the carriers.
    • Get the whole picture from your supplier. Don’t ask for only price, but discover what your carrier really can do for you. This will make your tender a value tender. Which will make the carrier work harder for you to provide you with the best quote and proposition.
    • Run a tight ship and show your transport tender is serious.  There is nothing worse for any when deadlines are not met, time frames extended, put on hold for whatever reason. Run your projects like a tight ship and you will keep everyone including the carrier motivated.


About Freightender –  Transport tender software


Freightender is a spin-off of ControlPay, the largest Freight Audit provider in Europe. At ControlPay we saw the need for a tender platform that is taking into account all the details behind rates and business rules in transport contracts. Next to that, we identified that there was a need for intuitive and supportive transport tender platform that is suitable for small, midsize and large enterprises. Forget about expensive consultant support or lengthy training sessions. Simply not necessary, because our freight sourcing platform is highly intuitive, efficient and comprehensive for both experienced and less experienced professionals.

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds


Freightender is the standard in freight tendering. It makes the tender process lean, smarter and much faster. 
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