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It is no secret that today’s supply chain environment is becoming increasingly competitive. We are in the middle of a time-saving technology era, where (global) companies are forced to optimize their processes and reduce their costs on an ongoing basis.

Logistics is often one of the priority areas in order to gain competitive advantage, with companies focussing on collecting and using logistics data in a way that drives efficiency and better business decisions.

With that being said, many companies are still relying on a manual /  paper freight process, where paper documents and such are used to send and receive bids.

There is no reason to continue these cumbersome, outdated processes. Today’s technologies provide cost-effective and efficient tools to manage entire freight tenders in just a single, cloud-based (save environment) application.

Why running a transport is not easy

Many shippers organize freight tenders at least once a year to select new carriers or to make sure they pay the right prices. Excel worksheets are usually still the center of the whole process. Tender managers and logistics professionals often rely on pre-made templated forms, mainly because it’s the most straightforward way, but this is where secretly the most hidden costs and time-consuming issues are lurking.

Managing Freight Tenders manually complicates:

  • Data collection and verification
  • Pre Tender communication
  • Internal discussions,
  • Scope document set-up,
  • instructions and requirements

The overall management of a freight can be utterly cumbersome and very time-consuming. However, with the right tool in hand, supporting the right functions, freight tendertool.ahabr.teching becomes quicker, easier and more rewarding. Based on this demand, Freightender launched to support tendertool.ahabr.techs for all shipping modes earlier this year.

Transport Tender Solution

Transport Tender and change management

In general, change management is one of the biggest roadblocks to introducing new processes in a companies culture. Often for good reasons:

  • Many people need to adapt to change (Also carriers)
  • in a short period of time
  • Skill level is lacking

Not to mention the regular basic training and help (hours of tutorials) that are needed to provide in the initial phase of the project. During the development of The Freightender, this has been the major focus point. In order for us to succeed, we needed to create a tool so comprehensive, clear and quick, that even people with zero or very limited freight experience could run a freight from the very first login.

Our freight tenders tool makes it faster and easier to compare rates from multiple service providers. And this is for shipping truckloads, LTL, air, ocean freight and parcel packages.

Download here our Transport Tender Solution eBook

The First platform that allows you to control the full process to finest without involvement of other supporting parties (consultants / Support Teams running analysis for you)

In this eBook you will find:

  • Regular freight issues
  • The advantages of  a cloud-based Transport Tender Solution
  • How to improve your Transport process
  • Unique features of the Freightender
  • The people behind Freightender

Use this link to access and download our Transport Tender Solution eBook.

About Freightender – Logistics E-sourcing

Freightender is a dutch company. We offer since 2016 a brand-new platform for logistics sourcing. Freightender is a spin-off of ControlPay, the largest freight audit provider in Europe. Freightender aims to deliver an affordable and efficient tendertool experience for small, medium and large enterprises.

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds


Freightender is the standard in freight tendering. It makes the tender process lean, smarter and much faster. 
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