Are there Transporeon freight procurement alternatives?

In this article we’ll be looking at who exactly are Transporeon and what are your Transporeon alternatives?

Shippers and carriers are connected via Transporeon. Their journey began more than two decades ago. Transporeon is a Transportation Management Platform that offers a wide range of freight applications to cater to the needs of all network players, including asset-based carriers, brokers, shippers, logistics service providers, and recipients of products. Digitalizing and revolutionizing transportation for everyone is their main goal.

Freightender is one of your Transporeon alternatives 

Freightender is a cloud-based logistics technology provider that delivers savings, process efficiency and more business opportunities to shippers, forwarders and logistics service providers via innovative and easy-to-use applications. We work with over 100 shipper and forwarder customers and over a 1000 carrier customers. Freightender is incorporated in Spain and are active since 2016 and privately owned. We are rapidly growing company yet focused at sustainability, stability and customer trust. We want to make enterprise-grade applications available to anyone and ease of use is crucial to that ambition.

Are there Transporeon freight procurement alternatives?

What are the key differences between Freightender, Transporeon and other competitors?

Freightender is a 100% privately owned company without any outside investment. We focus at a wide range of services in logistics and it is our goal to be the biggest company in this space. Freightender are achieving this by focusing on our products and our customers. We don’t burn money or have agendas driven by investors.

Transporeon Alternatives: What do Freightender offer? 

Most companies are still running freight tenders via e-mail and excel. At Freightender we offer digital platforms, AI, CO2 emission calculations, benchmarking, API’s and more. Freightender is the only independent cloud-based platform in all the continents to do all of the following:

  • Mini-bids
  • Spot bids
  • Ccean tenders
  • Network RFQ’s
  • LTL/groupage
  • Parcel/courier tenders

Many of Freightender’s competitors use Jaggaer because that’s what they have been using for years. But it’s not the easiest tool to work with and struggles with all modes of transportation. Then there is Emerge, but it only does road and no other modes. There is SMC3 but only for LTL to support their own rating model. And then there is Freightender, we do all modes and all industries in a flexible and user-friendly way.

Are there Transporeon freight procurement alternatives?So why should you choose Freightender over all the other procurement platforms out there?

To me the explanation is not necessarily a technical one as we don’t have insights in other platforms just some high-level understanding of what they do, how their processes work and how old or flexible their tech is. In my opinion what matters most is what type of company you are dealing with and how you are valued as a customer.

This is what we see as an advantage over most other procurement platforms

  • We are fast in everything we do. we are lean as a company and we don’t have the bureaucracy many of our peers have.
  • Freightender have short communication lines because we are a small company with a flat hierarchy.
  • We are not venture capital or private equity owned. There are many advantages to that but I will keep it short: we don’t need to entertain or please investors, we don’t need to window dress or artificially prop up value and we don’t need to create a bloated organisation to grow quickly.
  • Our full focus goes to customers and product, making the day to day as efficient as possible for clients while working on innovation and better products for the future.
  • We listen to customers and depend on them to make our products better, the customer is central to what we do. Without happy customers, there is no business.
  • All of our customer facing people come from logistics, they get it. Deep experience in logistics when working with customers in logistics is key.
  • We are independent and profitable which means that we are not on a clock and not in a hurry to get to the next milestone. Growth in logistics tech takes time and the ability to take unconventional decisions you can only have when you have full freedom.
If you don’t have a strategy of digitising logistics procurement you need to get one. Currently we see that midsize companies with less than 5 freight sourcing events annually are much faster in adopting procurement tech than large companies who have more tenders and more freight spend. This is remarkable as access to software has typically been more accessible to large companies yet they seem to struggle to change to a more digitised logtech environment.

What’s not to like about a freight procurement platform in the cloud?

  • Implementation time is fast, launch an RFQ in a matter of days.
  • ROI is immediate.
  • Productivity gains are massive when you come from a manual excel process.
  • Carriers work faster and quote better in a dedicated tool.
  • Data is online available and can be easily shared.
  • Carriers will quote in one format and will do it online.
  • You can spare your mailbox from unneeded mails, files and conversations.

Transporeon alternatives – about the founder

Pieter Kinds (1975) is a Dutchman and has grown Freightender to one of the leading logistics procurement providers. He has a background in freight audit and sales. Get in touch today to find out more about Freightender.

Pieter Kinds

Pieter Kinds


Freightender is the standard in freight tendering. It makes the tender process lean, smarter and much faster. 
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